Creative Corner Student Name Class and Section Description Link
1 S. Raneshwari III - A Multiplication Tree (Showing Factors)
2 Anubrato Basu IV - A Picture of side / top / front view of objects
3 Annesha Dey III - A Photograph of Famous Disabled Persons with the name of disability
4 Sneha Roy Chowdhury II - B Collage using paper and colour
5 Rishiraj Ghosh II - B Balance using stick, thread and steel plate
6 Radhica Mukherjee I - B Picture Dictionary
7 Parthib Ghosh Dastidar IV - C Language Corner (English)
8 Jeba Khanam IV - C Hand Sign
9 Saheli Mondal IV - B Make vessels with marble paper
10 Asmita Pal I - D Our Shelter - House
11 Arkopriya Ghosh I - D Transport - Boat
12 Dishant Bharali I - D Transport - Train
13 Digant Kalia & Tirth Kumar Das I - D Transport - Bus & Ship
14 Shreya Rajak II - A Model of an Abacus made
15 Ramit Mallick II - A Model of a Bus
16 Rohit Ram II - A Use of Sticks for drawing alphabets (Straight Lines)
17 Sayantan Mandal II - A Drawing Rangoli
18 Tirthankar Dey, Cynthia Biswas & Subham Mondal IV - B Model of a Wigwam, a house where Hiawatha or Red Indian lived
19 Saswat Behera IV - B Model of a quiver Naseeruddin's Aim
20 Prashant III - B Model of Traffic Signal Lesson - The Story of the road
21 Sulogna Das & Bedanto Biswas III - B Mask making to learn conversation between animals and birds
22 Sagnik Mondal I - C Paper Cutting (Origamy) & Bird, Animal Mask
23 Debabrata Dhakai I - C Paper Collage Tree and Mask (Butterfly and Elephant)